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For the respect of osteopathy

Society of Osteopaths of Canada

Our vision

Osteopathy is non-invasive and patient oriented. Over the years, this alternative medicine has changed the lives of millions.

The SOC serves both osteopaths and osteopathy. In an era of incredible medical advances and very effective drugs, we want to help promote the benefits of osteopathy, while strengthening it's credibility and effectiveness.

Mission statement

  • Develop the profession of osteopathy
  • Protect the right to practice
  • Obtain recognition for the osteopathy profession
  • Create a sense of belonging for its members
  • Preserve quality training programs
  • Expand research and development
  • Make osteopathy known as an alternative medicine
  • Encourage health in our growing population
  • Enforce a code of ethics

Are you interested in learning more about osteopathy? The following schools are leading osteopathy teaching institutions: The Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy (SOCO), Osteopathic College of Ontario, The Ontario School of Osteopathy (OSO), The Canadian Consilium of Natural Health, National Academy of Osteopathy and the Teaching Institute of Osteopathy of Quebec. These schools offer educational modules that are uniquely designed. The three year program is developed in order to learn about all aspects of osteopathy: the muscular and skeletal , visceral and cranial approach. A diploma in Osteopathy (Manual Practice) is received after completing all of the modules. However, students may pick and choose to attend only the modules they are interested in, and integrating the new knowledge into their practice without having to complete the entire program.

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