What to expect during an osteopathic treatment?

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What happens during an osteopathic treatment?

What happens during an osteopathic treatment?

During your first meeting, a questionnaire about your health and the reasons for your consultation will be asked. After this, the osteopath will do an examination to find the exact location of the blockages or restrictions, in order to provide the best treatment for you. This professional specializes in cranial, visceral and structural osteopathy.

Do I need a prescription for my treatment?

No, unless it is required by your insurance company for reimbursement purposes.

What is the length of a regular treatment?

The time varies depending on the osteopath and the patient's condition. The treatment usually takes 30 minutes according to the american association of osteopathy (aoa). The number of treatments will depend on the individual and their progress.

What is the cost of an osteopathic treatment?

The minimum cost of a treatment provided by a qualified osteopath from soc starts at 80$.

Is the osteopathic treatment covered by my insurance?

Most insurance companies will reimburse treatment from an osteopath that is a member of the soc. Keep in mind that there are many insurance plans, and that your plan is between you and your employer.

At what age can you start with osteopathic treatments?

Osteopathy is very gentle and can be started anytime. From birth throughout your life. (for health issues or as a preventive measures).

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